Community Stepping Stones has been training youth to produce public art since 2008. In that time we have received numerous awards for our work.

Youth and young adults are trained at Community Stepping Stones to create large murals for businesses, community organizations and public projects. The students gain real business experience by meeting with clients, helping to design graphic solutions, collecting and manipulating images in Photoshop and other computer programs, then enlarging the designs and painting them. Murals can either be painted on location (ex: the side of building) or in CSS studios on materials that will later be transferred and mounted in their final location.

Mural messaging is quite different from billboard advertising. It allows customers to communicate their messages using a unique and engaging piece of original art. Those who view the final product find it is more memorable and it has a personal quality to it – much the way a gallery painting differs in impact from a magazine picture.

Customers find that the production of the murals created by Stepping Stones youth is apt to draw a great deal of local interest. Everyone feels good to see hard-working young people create beauty in their community.

When you employ Community Stepping Stones to paint your mural, everyone wins. Clients find they do well by doing good.